Monday, May 21, 2012

Tee Ball

The day started early (5am) with Jenny and I doing our workouts. Jenny does Insanity and I do Tai Cheng, which is a Tai Chi program.

We both worked today. Jenny pulled a nine hour shift. (brutal!)

After work, I went to the Chiropracter to help with some lower back pain I've been having. He was really great and was pleased to hear I've been doing Yoga and Tai Chi.

We went to Levi's Tee Ball practice after all this. He was super cute. This was my first practice I've been to. All the dads and the coaches are super encouraging. It made me so proud to see him swing at the ball (even when he did a 360 degree miss). He was adorable and super happy. It encouraged me to start playing some more catch with him in the backyard.

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