Sunday, November 13, 2011

Yes, I'd like to borrow 100 children's books, please.

After eating some Rhodes Caramel Rolls and watching some Word World, I hopped on Gmail Chat to talk to my brother (who is still in China). After that, we went to Plymouth Covenant Church to get our worship on.

The sermon was on King Uzziah and how his life was squandered by pride. Two phrases that may be a sign of pride are "I got this" and "I'm above the law". Pride can be so destructive; for the person and for those around him or her. 

After church we went home and watched some football while enjoying Solo's Pizza leftovers.

Jenny and Levi went to the library and got tons of books for the boys. Apparently you can rent 100 books at a time. Who has time for that, really? I also rented The Like Ability Factor by Tim Sanders, which I'm looking forward to. Tim Sanders is a really good author - I highly recommend his books to anyone out there reading this. My quote of the day from the book is:
"All in all, it became clear that unlikeable characteristics are a primary reason for failure, whereas improvements in likeability offer excellent explanations for breakthrough successes."
Also, did you know? (From the same book)
"A 2000 study by Yale University and the Center for Socialization and Development-Berlin concluded that 'people, unlike animals, gain success not by being aggressive but by being nice.'" 
Last, but not least... (From the same book)
"Easygoing, likeable people have one-half the divorce rate of the general population."
More football...

I played some Modern Warfare 3 with Aaron and his buddy, Josh.

After that, we had some dinner then the boys and I played some Super Mario Sluggers on the Wii

Levi cleaned up his room then the boys went to bed!

Jenny and I spent our time learning about Dumping Debt from Financial Peace University/Dave Ramsey. My truth from the day from Dave Ramsey is:
"When you use plastic instead of cash, you spend 12-18% more because spending cash hurts."
After that, Jenny and I watched a King of Queens marathon, which is a family favorite.

It was a good day. Tomorrow Jenny is working at 4am (at Caribou Coffee) and I'm heading to work at 6:30am.

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