Saturday, October 15, 2011

Did you throw that ball or me?

I walked into the boys' room while they were playing and took a ball and lobbed it at Levi's head. To avoid being seen, I ran out, jumped on my bed, then pretended to sleep.

He waltzes out and says, "Daddy! Did you throw that ball or me?"

(Not "at me", but "or me". This is no typo. My options were to confess that I threw the ball or I could also try to convince him into thinking he threw the ball at himself. I considered this option but I decided against it and gave an evasive response.)

"Who do YOU think threw the ball?"

"YOU!" (He clearly had gathered all essential information)

"How do you know that, Levi?"

"Because I didn't see you throw it, dad. It was you." (again, not a typo.)

His logic was on such a different plane, I think. It went right over my head. Baffled, I fessed up and was consequently called a stinker. Shamed.

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