Monday, January 03, 2011

Back to Beijing

This Thursday, Levi and I will be going back to Beijing for Levi’s first follow-up appointment for his vision issue; we’ll return Monday.

I’ll also be using this time to add some pages to my passport because mine is all filled up with the visas I’ve gotten in my travels.

Levi is really excited; I am really excited. We can’t wait, really. Levi’s especially fond of the subway so we’ll have to use that a few times.

Jenny will stay home with Liam during our little trip away. We’ll let you know how the appointment goes. They want to make sure the prescription is working well and that Levi’s vision is progressing.

Shortly after we return from Beijing, we’re off to Thailand! Neither Jenny nor I have been to Thailand, so it’s going to be a great experience. We’ll be back on the 24th.

When we return, the next semester will begin. I’ll be back in school learning Chinese and Jenny will be back volunteering at a local foster home. I also hope to begin teaching the Life Education course! We’ll be keeping you all up to date on that.

Until next time,
Jeremy, Jenny, Levi, & Liam

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  1. I am so thankful for this blog...miss you guys so much!


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