Saturday, December 18, 2010

Levi’s new eyes

Hello everyone! We have held off on all this information for a bit, so here it all is in its entirety. Levi’s right eye started crossing in towards his nose. His left eye would be fine, but his right eye would move in independently. We were concerned about this, so an Australian doctor here told us it’d be best to go to Beijing to get him seen by a specialist. We were initially concerned with the rare chance (although still possible) that he’d have some sort of brain tumor which would cause this. Most likely, we knew it was just a vision thing though.

We went to Beijing several days ago and got him seen at the Beijing United Family Hospital. The hospital was very nice and everyone spoke English. We had some eye tests done on Levi and found that he’s both nearsighted and farsighted, which apparently is normal for children his age, but his is slightly worse to a point where we want to correct it before it causes permanent eye crossing, etc.

We got some glasses made for him to correct it. We’ll need to keep them on him except when he’s showering or sleeping and we’ll need to go back to Beijing once a month for the next three months. After those three months, we’ll need to go back once every three months for the next two years. We need these checkups to make sure the glasses are correcting the problem correctly. If they aren’t, we may need to put an eye patch on one eye or maybe even outpatient surgery. Since those are last resorts at this point, we’re just going to make sure we’re keeping a close eye on his… eyes.

We just got his glasses in the mail; super cute! Here are some pictures of the occasion:

Happy Boy

The boys together.

Daddy and Levi

Until next time,
Jeremy, Jenny, Levi, & Liam

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