Friday, May 22, 2009

Tons of Newness

Hello Everyone! This post might break a record for length! Sorry about that, there is just a lot to share! Read on!

Things have been going really well for us here lately! We have been spending time with friends and family. We are still catching up, and we still have a lot of people we haven’t even met with yet!

Target is going really well for me! The early hours are great, even though my poor wife has to drop me off at work at 4am! She doesn’t mind though. She is helping our family earn money, and we appreciate her very much for that! What I do in the early mornings is as follows: We go in the backroom and unload the trucks that come in, and sort them onto pallets according to which section the product belongs to. Then we take those pallets to the section in the store, and open the boxes and put the products on the shelves. We do this for the entire store. In two weeks, I’ll be training to work the sales floor in the afternoons, which should hopefully increase my hours. I’m looking forward to that!

2009.05.21 - Lake Camelot Park (6) Jenny and Levi are doing very well. Our boy is just talking away, and his words are becoming more distinct and he’s starting to say even more sentences in context.

Before I close, a few things: First, I forgot to mention we found out we are having a BOY! His name will be Liam Cole Peterson, and we are very excited that Levi will have a little brother to play with. Everything is going really well with everything. Our doctor is great, our healthcare is great, the pregnancy is going great! Quick side-note, the doctor who is working with us on this pregnancy delivered my half brother Aaron, and he saw my mom once while she was pregnant with me in her fifth month! (He was substituting for her normal doctor that one time.) Cool, huh? Second, we have new pictures and new videos on our blog, so if you want to see them, go check them out! Just in case you don’t have the link, it’s … We are planning on changing this address soon, so please make sure you are keeping in touch with our site and emails, but don’t worry, we’ll give plenty of notice. Thirdly, Jenny and Levi will be visiting New York from the 9th to the 18th of June! She wants me to mention that she’ll be very busy, but she wants to meet up with at least a few of you if you want to. You can email her at to see if you can do so!

Next week I (Jeremy) will be gone up in northern Minnesota to go canoeing and fishing up at the boundary waters with some friends. It should be a lot of fun! With that said, I won’t be able to post next week, but I will once I get back!

Told you it was a long post!

Until next time,