Thursday, April 02, 2009

We have arrived

I’m sorry about the lack of updates here as of late, but with all the moving around and planning, it was just too much for now!

Now that we have some downtime, I want to quickly let everyone know that we are now in Denver, Colorado. Our flight back yesterday went VERY well, with Levi sleeping wonderfully on the long 12 1/2 hour trip from Beijing to Chicago. We barely made that flight by the way, owing our thanks to one of those awesome golf cart things that drive people around.

I really will write more later, we just have a lot to do still, including getting our luggage back, as Chicago dropped the ball and left our luggage there. I did, however get my guitar, because it was marked as fragile, and thankfully that made it. We should expect them this morning within a few hours.

We were SO sad to leave China, especially our family and friends. It was not a pleasant goodbye, and we are looking forward to returning soon. We are still excited to make the most of our time here in the USA though. We are really looking forward to meeting up with our friends and family here. We’ll keep you guys updated on the goings-on here.

Until next time,


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