Wednesday, March 04, 2009


So I quickly wanted to mention something great that Levi does these days. I should mention that he changes so much every week. It’s really fun.  He’s getting so goofy.

Anyways, one thing he’s been doing lately is in the situation where he doesn’t get what he wants. Let’s say he reaches for a knife, and we say he can’t play with it… He’ll throw himself to the ground so it looks like he fell, and then he’ll shout “OW!” It’s really cute and hilarious, even though he’s trying his best to make us feel bad for him. It’s really funny because in Jenny’s words, “He does it so safely.” It’s quite slow motion, because obviously he doesn’t REALLY want to get himself hurt, haha. It’s great. It’d be great to get on video, but you never really expect it when it does happen. We’ll try, though.

2009.02.27 - Jay Visits Xian (60) That’s all for now! Be sure to check out the latest picture albums. There’s a few new ones up since this past weekend.

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