Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Hello everyone! Today we went to a nearby doctor’s office to have an ultrasound, and everything is looking good! This doctor said that our next young one should be born October 10th. We are very excited! Something interesting… I was not allowed in the room, which is not how it is in America. So it was weird for me because I could not go in and see the ultrasound, but we also heard that was just a hospital rule at that particular one, so that was unfortunate.

Also, our electricity was out yesterday from 8am until 5pm. No clue why. So the day was spent over at my brother’s house. We had a great time! But the lesson is: Sometimes you just can’t always have electricity. I was very surprised actually at how much we depend on electricity. I opened our refrigerator three times accidently because I didn’t make the connection between beverages and electricity, BBQ sauce and electricity, and something else (and electricity). I liked the experience though. I challenge any of you to not use anything electric for a day. It’s very interesting :) (you can keep your refrigerator plugged in, though.)

Tomorrow, my brother and I head off to Beijing, which is a trip/gift given to use from our wives for our birthdays. (Mine was this month, and my brother’s is in early May.) We are going to be gone until Sunday. Our plans are to go visit Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City/Palace, and the Great Wall.

Well, until next time!


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