Sunday, January 04, 2009

Only Cold

Well Levi has been quite interesting as of late, to say the least. He has been sleeping great, but has been really tired during the day as well. He was acting sick, we thought. So we went to an Australian doctor today, which said he's only got a cold, which is so good! We were really starting to worry that it was something worse than that.

Other than all that, we haven’t been up to much. I am going back to school tomorrow. I didn’t go today because I got up extra early to watch the Vikings game (sigh) which left me extra tired.

We had some quality time with our Chinese friends lately. Ma Lin (the husband) helped me get a new phone for Jenny, since her last one has broken twice now, and wasn’t looking promising to get better. Meanwhile, Li Na (the wife) spent time at our home with Jenny and Levi. We have really connected with these two. We really appreciate them, and we think they appreciate us (at least that’s what they tell us!) We are surprisingly similar. Ma Lin is a gamer at heart, which I might be able to relate to. :) Li Na is very funny and sweet, just like my wonderful wife. We all get along great. The other day we played Dutch Blitz (a card game, for those unfamiliar with the Amish world), and we have won every time. But they are getting better. They prefer Settlers of Catan, though, and they are very good at it. I think they really enjoy Dutch Blitz, though, and I don’t mind. I prefer winning anyways.


Until Next Time,