Sunday, January 11, 2009

A New Week

This week is so different! All of our American friends we know here are gone, except for my brother and his family. The rest of our friends have gone off to Thailand for a nice little winter break. This semester in coming to a close. This Friday will be our last day! We’ll be on break for five weeks, so I will spend that time with a tutor, reviewing my past lessons, as well as honing my grammar and vocabulary. I will be using Jenny’s tutor, Lina, who is also a close friend of ours, along with her husband, Malin.

In fact, we hang out with them often. They are great. We have gotten really close with them. Malin and I (Jeremy) go every Saturday to one of the several local internet cafes to play video games for two hours with our other friends. It’s a great time. We also usually hang out with the five of us (the 5th is Levi) at least once a week. They are great people.

Oh, and that building across the street is building fast! We are still taking pictures faithfully, and it’s neat to see the progression. (at least I think so!)

Well, until next time!


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