Monday, December 29, 2008

Catching Up

Sorry this blog has taken so long to write! We've been incredibly busy this time of year, and we are finally catching up!
We just took down our Christmas Tree. It's quite sad to see our dining area so barren. It's also good though, because it's one less hazard for Levi as he continues to explore anything and everything in our apartment.
It seems like we've been sick for the past two months! Just when one person (or sickness) goes away, another one comes right back. We are all well as of this morning, and we hope to say that way for a while. I'm going to write again soon about Levi's fun play place. Stay tuned!

Until next time!

对不起! 很久没写了!这几个月我们非常忙! 现在,我们不太忙了!我们ba圣诞树shou个来了. 我们难过因为我们的客厅很dangdang的!但是没问题,因为现在对Levi来说比较安全。他很喜欢都在圣诞树上找礼物。这个两个月好像我们病了!但是不是真的!到我们dang我们觉的jian看的时候,可能jiu hui的病。现在我们觉的很shufu了!我希望我们yi zhi jian看。我会写另外一个伯克伯博客。你们快来看把!