Tuesday, October 21, 2008

green writing on the walls

I wanted to share really quick about the restaurant which is below our building. It's a great place. We call it the "Green Writing Place" because there are green words on the building. We have no idea what they mean. Well, at least I don't. Jenny and I frequent this restaurant. So much, in fact, they practically memorize our orders.

Just today, I went into the restaurant while carrying all our groceries I had just purchased. The groceries were so heavy I was sure they were going to tear the seams apart soon followed by the sound of smashing glass, and I'd look like an idiot sobbing on my knees beside my shattered food. I'm happy to say the bag was reliable. I set my 100 pounds of groceries on top of their counter, and was greeted by two waitresses. The manager spotted me from across the restaurant, and smiled, as did two other waiters. Immediately, they started guessing what I was going to order. This is because we always order the same thing 95% of the time, with the entree being the only thing we ever change. Usually we get Kung Pao Chicken, Garlic Broccoli, and rice. The first guess was called out. The waiter looked at me, smiled, and said "tang cu li ji" (sweet and sour pork). I said, "bu dui" (not correct). Another guessed my garlic broccoli, and I placed the rest of the order. I said "San shi er kuai!" (32 kuai(The Chinese currency))

No exaggeration here, all the waiters and waitresses in the area, as well as the manager, crowded around as they added up my order. They all laughed aloud because I was correct. I feel like this place would know what to make if I said, "I'll have my usual", which is a nice feeling. I asked them to deliver it to my apartment, and they agreed. I then paid, and left.

The food was delicious, as always. Green Writing does NOT disappoint :)

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