Sunday, October 19, 2008

friends and the village people

Hello! First of all, I'd like to quickly inform you on the poll I have on the right hand side of this web page. I would like some feedback on how you guys are feeling about the site, and its content, so please participate! (It will close at midnight on Sunday Night/Monday Morning.)

Now, There are quite a bit of things we can share about this past few days and the coming week, so read on!

We had a great week! Jenny's friend/tutor came over last night to watch a movie with us. Her husband was out of town, so we invited her over, and we were very glad she accepted. We watched "No Reservations" which is a very awesome chick flick. It took us a short eternity picking a movie, because we were all so indecisive. She'd say, I like most movies, but no blood." I responded in Chinese "Ni xihuan ku ma?" meaning: "Do you like to cry?" And she said, "bu xihuan!" meaning: "No!" We had a good laugh about that, so "P.S. I Love You" was out of the question, along with "A Walk To Remember". It was funny watching the movie with Chinese subtitles; especially because she'd laugh at jokes before they happened, due to her reading about events faster than they were actually happening. When the movie ended and we wiped our tears away (not really) we engaged in some Nintendo Wii. She had never played one before, and she loved it (I got a 192 in bowling, I feel I should mention). I told her where to get one (she didn't know, which I was happy about. I could tell a resident where to find something), and she may get one for her husband for an upcoming occasion.

The following morning (this morning) we had our landlord over, along with her daughter. Our landlords are some of the nicest landlords out there. Our Chinese friend told us they are the nicest landlords she's ever met! We first invited them to come over because they were fixing a water leak in our tub. She mentioned how her daughter is learning English, and has been for two years. We invited her over for some English training, and she accepted! To make a long story short, we are going south this coming Saturday to eat chicken parts. Ok, let's make that short story a little longer. There is a village to the south, and their family goes there on a monthly basis, and we have been invited for this coming trip! It's about 40 minutes or so, and we are going to pile in their car and have lunch at the village. It'll probably be from 9:00am until 5:00pm or so. I'm going to bring my camera, so don't worry! You'll get a bunch of pictures. By the way, I'm really worried about what we'll be eating. They eat a lot of vegetables we were told, and a little chicken. But I'm sure SOMEONE eats the head, and I really hope I'm not the next person. We'll see. They did tell us to bring food for Levi, because he can't eat the food we'll be getting. So if I live, I'll be writing about that story next week.

For now, Levi has a little cold, and we are working on moving him to one nap, considering living here is more difficult when you have to be home all the time because of two naps. Many activities take a long time to do. So think of us, if you will. It might be a rough couple days.

Until next time - zai jian,