Sunday, September 21, 2008

gas problems

For the past few days we have had absolutely no gas going into our apartment. This means no stove. Someone should be coming tomorrow to fix it tomorrow morning. The way it works here is that you have something like a credit card, which you can pay money to put gas credit on it. You get the card, pay money at a store, they add credit on it, and then you put it into your gas meter, and it allows more gas to come in. Ours did not refill.

Today we went and got Sydney so we could spend some time with her this morning. It was a lot of fun! Because of the previously mentioned gas problem, we could not make her breakfast as planned, so we went to McDonalds, which is always a treat. We went home, watched Shrek, and played some games while Levi was sleeping. Then we all went to the park to play, and Sydney went home for her nap. It was so much fun. We picked her up at 7:30am and dropped her off at 1:30pm.

My favorite Sydney line of the day was when I was putting her shoes on. "Nice shoes! I like them!" I complimented. She replied, "Me Too!" It was just really cute how she said it, and it's so awesome to see her speaking skills increase rapidly.