Monday, August 11, 2008

Finally, Internet!

Sorry for the blog drought!

We are doing really well, and our internet is finally set up! We will be able to correspond much better this way. :)

A few things that occurred throughout this past week...

1. In the midst of throwing an intense fit, Levi learned to crawl! He's still not super good at it, but he's definitely crawling.

2. In the midst of another fit, Levi fell from a sitting position to a face-down-on-the-tile position. He did not stop himself with hands. It was a full smack. His teeth are all still there, but he got a fat bloody lip. Poor boy!

3. We are all moved in to our place on the 19th floor. We have a nice new pack & play for Levi to sleep in, as well a new highchair.

We'll keep you guys posted, and I'm really sorry about the lack of pictures, but I hope to get some up reallllll soon!

Until next time,

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