Thursday, March 20, 2008

Levi's Therapy Assessment

Hello Everyone!
Well, yesterday we had Levi's physical therapy assessment, and it went really well! What they did was had like five workers present, who all dealt with special areas of development, and they had one woman play with the child, testing different things as she went.

They say that Levi is doing really well! The only thing that he could work on is the fact that he doesn't reach out from his body to grab objects, and this could be because of his premature birth, and his muscles aren't able to reach out without some work. So we are going to do some stretches with him, reaching his arms straight up, while keeping his lower body bent. (i.e. in a sitting position)

Also, today we sent for his passport, and we are going to send for Jenny's updated passport, so we have her new name on it, since she hasn't changed it since we have married. Things are coming together!


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