Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Levi's Cardiology Appt.

Hello everyone!
Today was a very long day indeed. We went to Children's Hospital, for a checkup appointment our neo-natologist wanted us to do, because when Levi was first born, his heart wasn't fully developed, basically. So today, we had a grueling two and a half hour visit!! (we were prepared for a one hour visit)

Because of the unusual lengthiness of the stay, Levi was tired and hungry, and was just being awful, haha! He was screaming. I mean screaming! It was understandable, since he was hungry. But I never really get why babies cry when they are tired. If only they understood they can solve their problem by NOT crying! haha

Anyways, the nurse was new at that hospital, and was new with the procedures they do with echo-cardiograms, so she took an incredibly long time, and then after about 30 more minutes, the doctor finally came in and told us everything was ok! Levi still has a small hole in his heart, but he fully expects it to close up in a couple months' time. He said we shouldn't need to come in anymore, unless something wrong goes down. So we are really happy about the news! (Even though it was a nightmare visit!)

Children's Hospital was not very fun. The building is AMAZING! It looks like a toy factory on the inside, with fish and fun toys to look at, and amazing colors and amazing artwork, all for the enjoyment of the kids. The only thing is that there were a TON of people there. And it's just sad to know that most of them are there for very serious things that have to do with their children! We are very happy that Levi is in such great shape... It's just such a bummer that not everyone has that same situation.