Sunday, November 20, 2011


We went to church today at 9am. The service was great. There was a performance done which included a bunch of drums and a dance by a bunch of fifth graders. The main dancer girl was Asian which made Jenny and I sad because it made us miss China. The sermon was really good - it was on King Omri. The pastor talked about how King Omri was regarded as one of the greatest kings of Israel however he is only mentioned in the bible with 8 verses. The pastor asked "What do you consider to be the requirements of success?" King Omri was one of the most powerful kings Israel ever had but now, thousands of years later, he is reduced to only eights verses in the bible and, according to the bible, he was one of the most evil. He sought power and prestige over doing the right thing. After the sermon, we went out to the little cafe they have inside and chatted with some Chinese people that go there. We really hope to get a relationship going with these people so we can continue to have a relationship with the culture and people we fell in love with.

After church, we went to the library to return some books. We got home and then Levi and I replaced the wipers on our car as well as the headlights which burned out overnight. He was really eager to help and did a great job throwing away trash for me and screwing in some parts on the headlights.

Afterwards, we went inside to watch the gruesome and sad Vikings game.

I finished up The Likeability Factor, which was a great book. I'm now onto The Great Gatsby and Emotional Intelligence.

Jenny and I ran through a Financial Peace University course which was on purchasing.

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