Thursday, December 02, 2010

How Some of Us Are Perceived

In the local kindergarten I teach at, I have some flashcards that go with the content I’m teaching so the students can get a visual idea of the content being taught. This week, I was teaching about different countries. Each flashcard had a country’s flag and a person from that country on the card. Here are the cards:

2010.11.22 - English Cards China

2010.11.22 - English Cards Japan

2010.11.22 - English Cards Australia

2010.11.22 - English Cards England

2010.11.22 - English Cards America

The disturbing part, I think, is that some people were probably asked, “Hey, who can draw up the American guy?” And some guy probably raised his hand and said something like, “I have tons of American friends; I know exactly what to do.”

Apparently most Americans wear sweatpants with collared shirts along with white shoes while donning a scraggly beard and a bandana. We’re a huge fan of gum as well, I guess (or maybe chewing tobacco).

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