Sunday, November 28, 2010

Living Room Repainted

Our new apartment is in the middle of being repainted. We are very thrilled about this; it’s much more cozy. We’ve been saving up for a bit and luckily repainting your apartment is considerably cheap here in China.

We just got our living room done! Tomorrow the boys’ room should be completely finished then our room will be last. This apartment is the cheapest one we’ve seen so far… Can you believe it?! The paint makes it look so much better!

DSC_0068Here’s our entryway. Off to the right is our kitchen.

DSC_0070Our kitchen is to the left. Yes, that is our refrigerator. :) Our living room is to the right.

DSC_0071Our living room. Towards the back is where we do our laundry and to the right is the hallway to our bedrooms and bathroom.

DSC_0072Our back room now holds a little desk, our Christmas tree, and our washer/dryer.

DSC_0073Our living room.

DSC_0074Another angle on our living room.

DSC_0075Our hallway.

DSC_0076Our bathroom. This will be the only picture we provide. ;)


Our happy little family! (That’s Liam trying to eat some raw vegetables.)

Until next time,
Jeremy, Jenny, Levi, & Liam

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  1. I have on the hoodie you are wearing now! Sweet! I read your message and am praying about it Jen! I will let you know sometime very soon! Love you!


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