Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nerf Guns

Levi and I took on the Failla Boys (father & son) on at some Nerf Gun wars.

2010.08.16 - levi nerfguns It was awesome. Levi and I had a little fort on one side of the Failla’s apartment while the Failla boys took the other side and it was an all-out battle to the bitter end! Most of the time, Levi didn’t take cover, and took a lot of free shots from our enemies since he didn’t quite catch the concept of hiding and avoiding gunfire. He would just stand up (way out in the open) and load his gun, slowly but surely. As soon and he got them loaded up, he’d immediately fire one off in some random direction, then start the process over again. He would get nailed in the head and just keep loading as if he was all alone in this world; just him and his gun. Fun times!


Our summer is coming to a close soon. I will be starting up work again and once we figure out my work schedule, Jenny is really hoping to volunteer her time on a weekly basis at a nearby center for foster children. While there, she will be around to hold the little babies and play with them and help in any other way she can.


Until next time!

Jeremy, Jenny, Levi, & Liam