Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sunshine International Camp

Hello! I’m sorry it’s been a while to blog about this, but I got back and then just as I was about to blog about the camp I was at for two weeks, our power went out for a full day. Ick!


Throughout the camp, we enjoyed some awesome experiences. I had a group of 10 students which I co-coached with a Chinese girl. The students were 30% American, 70% Chinese. We played several games and then discussed the deeper meanings and challenges of those games. We had lectures which focused on several different topics including: leadership, relationships, Chinese & American culture, finding our purpose in life, and several others. I’m sure the students learned a ton.


I know that some of their lives will never be the same. Many shared about how they’ve changed for the better throughout those twelve days; I’m very grateful they did. I myself got to have a great opportunity facilitating those life changing moments.


My wife was home the whole time with the kids; she’s such a champ! Our kids have a wonderful mommy. :) She was very great at taking some pictures and videos while I was gone. We’ll post some of those soon!


Until next time,

Jeremy, Jenny, Levi, & Liam