Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Hotel & Peak Tram

I am just getting over a sickness, so I haven't posted anything for the past couple days. Let's get right back into it, and post about our May 3rd in Hong Kong!

We took many pictures here. We started out eating some ice cream in the hotel in the morning. (It was SO hot/humid outside!)

After the afternoon naps, we snagged a bus to take us to the Peak Tram. What an incredible experience! It is beautiful up on top of that mountain! We spent some time in the mall which is up there, then went to the top floor to eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp. MMMmm!

After that, we spent some time looking at the city as the sun slowly set. We went to the McDonald's outside playplace, then returned home. What a great time! I recommend everyone goes to the Peak Tram if they find themselves in Hong Kong some day. Below is a video of us looking at the city from the mountaintop. If you are reading this via email or Facebook, click here to go to our blog so you can see it!

Until next time,
Jeremy, Jenny, Levi, & Liam