Monday, April 26, 2010

The Small Goose Pagoda

Yesterday, we went to the Small Goose Pagoda with our landlords from the last time we were in China. We have a good relationship with them now - we are very happy about that. They were also the people who took us to a village a while back. (I tutor their daughter every week, for those of you who may not remember.)

We had a great time! Levi had a little rough time because this "park" was more like an outdoor museum - you just go there to look, not touch! :) He enjoyed sitting on some horse statues and checking out some other ones as well. Afterwards we went to a restaurant and had some great food. They said they have a lot more places to take us to, so we are excited about that!

This coming Saturday we are going to be off to Hong Kong! We have to get my visa switched over to a working visa, so I can get paid while in China. I will be working at an Elementary School and a Kindergarden school as well. I'm so excited about all this! We'll be there for seven days total. We should have internet at the hotel, so I'm sure we'll be updating you guys while we are there!

Please check out our pictures from our time at the Small Goose Pagoda by clicking here.

Until next time, Jeremy, Jenny, Levi, & Liam