Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tutoring Update

I (Jeremy) am very excited because I'm now tutoring three Chinese kids, and that'll soon be upped to four!

I gained one fourteen year old boy from the first girl I tutored. She wanted to know if she could bring a classmate with her, so last week the three of us met and McDonald's and we worked on the difference between the short "e" sound (bet, bed, red) and the short "a" sound (bat, bad, rad). I felt it was very beneficial for them as this is one of the difficult English language sounds for Chinese people. I feel that their English is improving every time we meet.

The most recent girl that has joined me is an eight year old orphan. Not long ago, she was going to be adopted by a Chinese family, but they decided to back out because they felt like she was not smart enough and that something was wrong with her brain. She was being fostered by a couple from Britain in the meantime. It's very important to mention that nothing is wrong with her intelligence at all. She's actually quite smart in my opinion, but there are various reasons the Chinese family might have felt that way, and there isn't time or space to go into that now. It's also important to mention that not all Chinese families would have felt that she had some mental issues. Anyways, moving on... Recently, she was chosen to be adopted by an American family who also happened to adopt two others from her orphanage. She is familiar with one of them (isn't that neat?!). Soon she'll be moving to the southern US area, so the British couple mentioned how they are looking for someone to teach her American English. I mentioned I'd love to, so that's what I'm doing! Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 1:30pm-3:30pm. I'm so happy about this opportunity. She's such a delight and a breath of fresh air to me. Her English is already very good, but I'll be focusing on teaching her the American accent and I'm also teaching her how to read. I have no doubts she's going to excel!

The fourth is a girl I'm going to tutor instead of my brother. As many of you know, he's temporarily moving back to America soon so they can have their third baby delivered in the USA. I'll be helping the girl out until he gets back. More on that later!

Until next time,
Jeremy, Jenny, Levi, & Liam