Thursday, January 07, 2010

Goin' to the Doctah!

Yesterday we went to the doctor to get Liam's second and third month check-up as well as Levi's two year check-up. I was slowly pulling into our parking space at the doctor's office when Jenny said, "Levi! We're goin' to the doctah!" in a silly voice.
Levi quickly replied, "Don't say that mommy. It's not doctah, it's doctor!"
Jenny and I were really surprised to say the least! We laughed to each other, and me, (being somewhat of a skeptic) asked Jenny to repeat what she said. Jenny repeated, "We're goin' to the doctah!"
"Mommy, it's not doctah, it's doctor." Levi repeated.
We laughed again. Really, I was surprised to be completely honest. I had no idea how much he really understood! That was a highlight of our morning.

Levi and Liam got some shots and we found that Liam is in the 90th percentile in his height, as well as the 75th percentile for head size and weight! Way to go Liam!

Jenny had her pre-op appointment today, and tomorrow we are getting her into surgery on her umbilical hernia that she got from her pregnancy. We'll head in at about 7am and we should be there for about 6-7 hours total. The operation takes about an hour, and it's in-and-out, so I'll be driving her home as soon as we are discharged! We hope for a quick recovery for Jenny!

We also applied for our visas today! They should arrive in Chicago tomorrow by noon and hopefully we'll get them back within a week. We'll keep you all posted on how that goes.

Until next time,
Jeremy, Jenny, Levi, & Liam