Tuesday, December 01, 2009

thanksgiving and an unexpected trip

So how was your Thanksgiving? We had a great time at Jenny's brother's house in Bolivar, New York. There were about 16 people there throughout the course of the four days we enjoyed together.

We found out recently that Jenny has a hernia in her bellybutton. This is because of her pregnancy. Because we have health insurance in Minnesota, we are going to be taking a trip (minus Levi) BACK to Minnesota for the surgery. This will be a very short trip, so we expect relaxing and recovering, then heading right back to New York. Unfortunately, because of what we'll be doing in Minnesota, we most likely won't be able to meet up with anyone, so we apologize in advance. :( We are not yet sure exactly when this will be, but we are hoping it's very soon. Levi will stay back with Laurie and Jay here in New York, and Jenny and I will be bringing Liam with us.

We have a new video up of Liam cooing. I, Jeremy, was feeding him, and he was just really happy about it I guess :) For those of you viewing this via Facebook or email, click here to go to our website so you can view it!

Also, we have new pictures up of our Thanksgiving on our Shutterfly site. Click here to see them!

Until next time,