Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The latest

It’s been a while! Let me bring you up to speed on the Petersons currently in Minnesota. We celebrated two birthdays last month! (Jenny’s 23rd and Levi’s 2nd)! We had such a blast together, and for Levi’s 2nd birthday, Laurie (Jenny’s mom) got to be out here to join us in celebrating his two years of life. Jenny and I went to the Chanhassan Dinner Theatres to have dinner and watch a show. It was called Always… Patsy Cline. A fun musical show all about Patsy Cline, the famous country singer.

Our baby is now five weeks from his due date! We are getting very excited for his arrival, and Jenny is getting more sore than ever, so we are hoping he comes quickly! We have our place all ready for him!

Levi is getting cuter and cuter. He’s so much fun to play with and has lots of energy. His speech is getting far better than it has been, and he’s starting to form sentences more easily. It’s super cute to see him communicate in sentences. For example, we were having chips and salsa at a restaurant recently, and he took a chip from the bucket and said, “Dip it!” to Jenny, hoping for some delicious salsa :) We need to remind him to throw a “please” on the end, but we are so proud of him! haha

Since the baby is so close to being due, I’ve quit my job at Target and we are focusing on meeting with friends and family before heading back to China. It’s a great thing to know we are back in transition mode, as we are anticipating our return.

Until next time!


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