Friday, July 03, 2009

Hold You?

So Jenny shared a cute story of Levi today that I thought you’d all enjoy.

While I was at work, Jenny and Levi were hanging out together in our living room. Levi has a small train that he enjoys riding (pictured at the bottom of this post) and while riding it tonight he noticed a very tiny ant. He stared, then reached out with both his arms towards the ant and said, “Hold You? Hold You?” This is what Levi says to us when he wants us to pick him up. Jenny nicely reminded him that although ants are very strong for their size, Levi would easily crush them. He was also saying the same thing to the fish yesterday when we visited an aquarium. That, along with, “Hello turtle!”

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P.S. Levi prefers to play the guitar upside down, like the famous Jimi Hendrix.

2009.06.01 - Levi

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