Thursday, May 07, 2009

Targeting this week

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since we’ve updated you all, so let’s get to it!

Similar to the other picture, but I couldn't allow myself to delete either one. Levi has been growing into a little boy more and more every day! He’s adorable. (If you need proof, I highly recommend you check out a new album we posted titled, “2009.04.20 – Majestic View Park”, to the right of this post. Just today, Levi actually asked Jenny for a hug today. She was sitting there, and Levi just walked up, and said "Hug?” (With a 2nd tone) and Jenny was so touched. She said something along the lines of “Of course!” and he gave her a nice little hug. It was something to see and remember for sure. He’s been running and smiling and laughing throughout the days for the past couple weeks. He’s such a happy and hyper boy. Maybe like his father? Hmmm.

Jenny has been doing well. She’s very tired these days, much like the pregnancy with Levi. She’s feeling healthy, and we just got set up with our health insurance, so we are pleased with that. Our next ultrasound is this coming Monday. Hopefully we’ll find out the gender of our second born! We’ve decided that we’ll be sharing the name as soon as we find out, so stay tuned!

I’m doing well also! Just yesterday I was hired at Target stocking shelves in the early morning. That’s 4am until 12 noon or so. Brutal! It is very good though, because I’ll be home for Levi’s afternoon. The job is also a three minute drive from where we are staying, so that's SO convenient. It’s bike-able, in case we don’t have a car available to use.

Other than that, I’ve finally gotten to organizing some of our pictures! Keep checking through our site under our picture section (as well as our videos) and you should be seeing some new stuff being added throughout this week! I’ll work on it as much as I can!

Until next time,