Friday, April 10, 2009

so far in america

Hello everyone!

We thought we’d do a quick update so everyone can know what we are up to…

We arrived in a hotel in Golden, Colorado a couple days ago. Jenny’s mother came into town and is staying in an adjoining room here, and her father is coming tomorrow morning. So far it’s been so great! Her mom hasn’t seen Levi is a very long time, so it’s very good they had some more time to bond in person, and not just on Skype. :)

As I said, tomorrow we’ll be going to pick up Jay at the airport, and we’ll spend some quality time in Denver.

This coming Saturday and Sunday I, Jeremy, will be taking my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course, which runs from 9am until 8pm. (Wow!) It’ll be very good, and it’s internationally known certification. So, in the future, it will most likely help me get a great job teaching English in China. I’m very excited about it.

The Tompkins leave Colorado early next week, and after that we’ll have one more week to visit with friends here before we head back to Minnesota, the land of the safe and healthy, We are excited to see family and friends there, especially since it has been even longer since the Walds & Petersons in Minnesota have seen our lil family. It should be a good time! We’ll be in touch!

Until next time,