Monday, April 27, 2009

a bite?

2009.03.16 - Levi Bathtime (3) Levi’s talking is getting so cute! These days, it’s more frequent as well as more understandable.

Recently, he’s been saying “A Bite?” a lot. It’s hilarious! If he sees you eating something he wants to try, he’ll come to your chair, stand there, and stare at your face, chanting “A bite?” over and over. If you say no, he’ll leave. However, sometimes he immediately returns and gives it another go:

“A bite?”

“A bite?”

“A bite?”

“A bite?”

Can’t blame him for trying. He’s tricky, because he mixes the cuteness with the repetition that makes you want to feed him just so he’ll stop. But who can say no to that cute face and the adorable talking?! Here you go Levi, have another bite of my pizza. You know what? Here’s a slice…

For those who are still wondering, I did complete my TEFL training! The course contained 22 hours packed into two days. That was 9am until 8pm on a Saturday and Sunday. I have a certificate, which will help me in the quest to find a job teaching English in China, eventually. Besides the help on a resume, it also gave me a lot of helpful tips on how to teach, which I will take with me when I finally do get to teach. I’ve very glad I took that course; I don’t regret it at all!

Minnesota is going well. Having phones is nice!!! We are finally unpacked completely, and we are almost completely organized. :)

Jenny’s pregnancy has been going well. We’re going to try to get our health insurance tomorrow, so we can start to get into a schedule of checkups and all that great stuff. We’ll let you know how that goes!

Until next time,