Sunday, March 01, 2009

a visitor

Hello again everybody!

This past weekend we had the great opportunity of having Jenny’s dad, Jay, come visit us here in Xi’an! He had some business with his company which brought him to Taiwan, and he was able to travel to see us for the weekend! It was great to show him around, and it was also great to watch him and Levi reunite.

038On Saturday, we brought Jay to the Xi’an city wall (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO), to show where Jenny ran her 1/2 marathon, and we also stopped by Starbucks. We came home so Levi could nap,  then we proceeded to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO)


066 It is a really beautiful place to go, although it’s slightly hectic, since many people go to relax there, plus you have many many many Chinese people trying to stop/slow you down so they can get pictures with the famous little Levi.



134 Sunday came, and Jenny showed him around the neighborhood while Levi napped. After, we ate at McDonalds, and brought him back to the airport! It was a short but great time with Jay! We hope to get many of these opportunities with more friends and family.