Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some Fun with levi

Levi has been growing up even more this week. He’s saying please now more than ever, either verbally or through signing, which does he by rubbing his stomach with his hand. It’s really cute! Making the most of the fun.He’s also found out that just because you say please, it doesn’t mean you get to have whatever you want. :) He also has had a great new idea of fun, where he climbs under his high chair, and pushes it around from within. But he stops having fun when he can’t get out, so it sometimes ends with cries of frustration. Today it was a great excitement for him, though. He was playing this way for at least an hour in total. He kept doing it throughout the day. He also was pushing his chair all around our apartment, trying to fit it through each door he could find, but he just couldn’t do it. Feel free to check out more pictures of him playing around in a new album posted on the right titled, “2009.02.16 – some more levi pictures”.

Noteworthy: We have two new(-ish) videos on our blog, both featuring Levi. They are both from last month, and show Levi playing around, so check them out! They are very cute, from a non-biased (not really) perspective. They are called, “2009.01.19 – Levi Driving” and “2009.01.15 – Levi Playing”. Enjoy!

Until next time,