Sunday, February 08, 2009

Animal Sounds

Levi has been getting quite hyper these days! It's definitely fun watching him grow exponentially with his personality and interests. A couple things to mention that we think are pretty cute and/or exciting: One, when Jenny makes cat and dog noises, Levi repeats them, which is really cute. She'll say, "Levi, what does a cat say? Meow!" Levi will then quickly repeat, "maaaooow!" Then, when she says, "Levi, what does a dog say? Ruff Ruff!" Levi will respond, "Ruh Ruh!" It's pretty cute. He can also point to his nose when we ask him where it is, and just today, we caught him actually running around the house. Up until today, he's been just really quickly walking, but we caught both feet off the ground at once. We think he learned this from his friends, Joshua and Sydney. Also, we really don't watch TV around Levi at all. However, on weekends we might put in a movie or two. This is good because now we can just relax with him, and he'll (for the most part) enjoy watching them with us. Last week, Jenny made some home-made popcorn, we put Levi in between us, bowl in his lap, and we all had a cute family moment. It was wonderful. These days he's living on the brink of disaster every day, since he's learned how to crawl on the couch, then stand up and run across it. Not cool Levi, not cool at all!!!

Jenny has been really encouraged with her schooling. Her teacher has been complimenting her language a lot, her grammar has been really good, and her vocabulary is growing very quickly. We are all so proud of her!

Our friend Lisa moved just yesterday. For those of you who are interested, the process is easier in some ways and more difficult in others. For one, it's easier because apartments are commonly furnished. This means that you only have to move the furniture you purchased. (In her case, it was a dryer and a small desk.) I guess it's not MORE difficult, per se, it's just not as convenient, but when is moving convenient? Unless you can hire help, which we didn't.

Contrary to common belief, Chinese New Year is not a single day of celebration. The holiday really last fifteen days. The first day is the biggest celebration, and fifteen days later is also very popular. We are coming up on the last day tonight, so we are expecting the same (or a little bit less) fireworks as the first day. We are looking forward to it! It should be a lot of fun again.

Until next time,