Sunday, January 25, 2009

Terri and the Chinese New Year

Jenny has made great friends with a local Chinese person named Terri. Terri really likes fashion and movies, and they really enjoy each other’s company. One of the issues here currently in China is that due to a lack of good jobs, some families are split up. The family will stay in their home town, and one of their members will leave to a larger city, where more jobs are available. 2009.01.20 - Terri & Jenny Terri is in this situation, except she’s not quite married. She has a boyfriend back in her home town who has a great job. Now she just needs one before she gets permission to marry him. She was just here in Xi’an and got a job and some schooling in English, which is her major. So in a bittersweet goodbye, Terri finally has the opportunity to go back to her home town. She has done what she needs to here, and she’s expecting to marry in 2010. She has also invited Jenny to that very wedding! Jenny said she’d love to go, so we’re planning on that! She was so touched by the invitation. We both think it’s a great honor, and it’s so good to be reminded that we’ve already made such good friends.

Also, we just successfully completed a night of the Chinese New Year. There were TONS of fireworks. They went from 6:30pm straight through the night. They calmed down between 2am and 6am, but then they started right up again, and there is not one moment where you don’t hear fireworks, literally. They were incredibly loud and quite plentiful. Jenny and I even played a game. Levi was awake much longer than normal, because of the fireworks. The game was who could touch the opposing wall in his room more than the other person without being caught by Levi. I lost, because of my height… It was a great experience for us, and we can’t wait for Levi to be a little bit older, so he can appreciate it more. Next year I’m sure he’ll love it.

Until next time,