Monday, January 12, 2009

The Latest Developments

Levi has been growing up so fast! We are really enjoying these new strides he’s been accomplishing. We wanted to quickly share some of them with you.

002 First of all, Levi has officially eaten with a fork. Three times so far! That includes grabbing the fork, stabbing the food, and then using it to put the food into his mouth! Great work Levi!



Family Pictures (6) Secondly, Levi is babbling all the time now. Some times the words are so cute, and sound so similar to words that we use. For example, sometimes Levi can be a little naughty. Often when I reprimand him, he babbles something back to me, which I think sounds a lot like “It was Aubrey!” Aubrey is Levi’s cousin, for those who are not aware. I don’t think he means to say this, but I’ll still reply “No, it was you, and you know it.” just for fun. :)

2009.01.12 - Levi Playing With A Water Jug Lastly, our source of water here is through a Culligan-like machine (or, water cooler) that dispenses purified water which is delivered through a service here in China. The water comes in a large jug. We store the empty water jugs right next to the machine. Levi loves to play with these. Just today, Levi took the empty jug all around our apartment, playing with it, and pushing it around. Once finished, he brought it right back to the exact spot it came from! We were so happy our little boy cleaned up after himself!

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