Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gucci Holds My Money

Well hello again! It's been too long!

Guess what I bought yesterday? A Gucci wallet. It's real. The leather is, I mean. The wallet is 100% not Gucci. It was somewhere around.... $3.00. Not bad, eh?

There has been a few events worth mentioning this week. First of all, Levi is finally mobile! That's correct: He's walking. He actually prefers it as of yesterday. He still goes almost half and half (walking and crawling). But it's great to see him developing and walking all over the place. We are so excited for him! That boy is so cute! He also got a call from the 80's, and it wanted its hair back. So, yeah. We cut it. It was his first haircut, actually. It looks great on him! He looks like a young man. :)

Jenny and I have been gearing up for Christmas. China is actually somewhat Christmas-y this season. Many stores have "Merry Christmas" Santa Claus stickers on their doors, and our university has a Christmas Tree with lights and all. It still doesn't quite feel like Christmas, though. Here, I could honestly see us completely forgetting about it. I can imagine the dialogue now:

Jeremy: "Hey, Jenny. What's the date? I forgot."
Jenny: "Well, my most handsome man, it's February 25th."
Jeremy: "Oh, wow! It's almost my birthday! Oh, and remind me, I forgot my mom's birthday as well. It's in the 20s of February. Remind me to email her and ask her if she got my card in the mail, and then say that it must have gotten lost."
Jenny: "You are so clever and strong."
Jeremy: "Wait... What did we do this past Christmas?"
Jenny: "...You are going to have to be more specific."
Jeremy: "You know, that holiday. The one where they celebrate that guy's birthday. Christmas... You know... Christmas!"
Jenny: "Oooooooohhhh, yeah. We didn't do anything. Completely forgot about it."
Jeremy: "Huh. Imagine that! We'll just have to celebrate twice and much next year."
Jenny: "Sounds good. Would you like another back massage?"
Jeremy: "Well, yes. I would like that very much. Thank you."
Jenny: "Oh, Jeremy. You are as polite as you are handsome. Well, almost."
Jeremy: "[chuckles]Oh, Jenny. You are just too much! I'm blushing!"
Jenny: "Ok, here's your back massage. Well, you look tired. How about you just lay down and take a nap? I'll take care of Levi. When you wake up, I'll give you your back massage. After that, I'll get the three-course meal I had been preparing all day, and we can have dinner."
Jeremy: "You know what? That sounds great."

Well that was fun for me. So we found out (the hard way) that when you return products here that you purchased, you never get your money back. You just get in-store credit. Good to know!

Next week we'll let you know how our Christmas went! We are very excited!
Until next time,

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