Friday, November 28, 2008

Sickness, Snacking, and Stepping

It's been a while since our last blog. I apologize.

Sickness - This past week or so, the flu has been making it's way through our family. Levi got it first, then it moved onto Jenny, then attacked me in one final hurrah. Mine was the worst, we think. We are all better now, and that's one thing we were thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Snacking - For Thanksgiving, we were stuck in the house due to illness (see above). Our wonderful family over here in China, (Matt & Heather brought us a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner from a local western restaraunt. We were so thankful for that, and the food was delicious! I could not eat it at the time, because I was sick, but I was able to pick at it a bit last night, and finished it off tonight.

Stepping - Levi could not take more than two steps this morning (as far as we knew), but Jenny and I got some time to help him practice, and he took his first ELEVEN steps all alone without assistance! We were so excited for him, and we are anticipating his takeoff quite soon! Are we ready? Some say yes.

We just wanted to take a little space in this blog to mention that during this Thanksgiving season (and all year long, really) we are so thankful for all of you guys out there that take care of us and care about us.

Until next time,