Sunday, November 09, 2008

At The Orphanage


So on the 5th of this month, we went to an orphanage! It took two bus rides, which can be up to 1 1/2 hours of travel. Quite an adventure. :)

The orphanage was run really well. They had a great group of staff members, and great children. Many of the children there had nothing too wrong with them. Lip issues are incredibly cheap and easy to fix, but still, the children end up here for whatever reason. Others have issues that the parents cannot afford, so they are forced to surrender the children. Sometimes the children make a full recovery, but still get adopted away. It's incredibly sad. It was great to see a couple of the children were about to be adopted. We saw one girl who was in a vegetative state due to a momentary lack of blood flow to her brain. She was only a few years old. Another had a heart issue which was fixed, and she's about to be sent to America to her new family. Another had an incredibly expensive pacemaker inside of him.

It was a great experience. Due to scheduling, only I (Jeremy) could go, along with some friends. Levi and Jenny stayed home this time around, but when Jenny gets a chance, she really wants to go visit with the children, so I'll stay back that time.

Levi is growing up fast! He's on the brink of walking. He does the motions very well, but just doesn't want to try to walk. We'll keep you posted on that! :)

This week we do not have much planned, however I will be getting a new phone (because a cheap phone in China means it's a reallycheap phone! Which means it worked for three months, and then the speaker broke. Also, our heating will begin to work on the 15th. Here, everyone lives in apartments, and nobody has heating (except for space heaters) until the 15th of November, and sometimes sooner. The thing is, you can't control the heat, nor can you shut it off. It's pretty exciting!

Until next time!