Saturday, October 25, 2008

a village and mountainside temples

We are back from our short trip! We had such a good time! The Zhao family picked us up just outside our apartment building. We packed into their car and drove about forty-five minutes south of Xi'an. They have an older Buick. They really take care of their cars here. It felt really new by how well it was cared for. I think it's just because it's one of the nicest things they get, so they really appreciate it. We pulled into a village, but it didn't look like I thought it would. This is more of a "modern" village. They have paved roads, shops, and anything else, except it's a smaller community, and it seemed like they pretty much relied on the community itself. It was quite beautiful. They constructed a small area next to the street, which the river flows into. So the river flows throughout their town, and it's a great touch. They also have a lot of trees, and the mountains are just behind the village.

We ate a variety of things, all of which had a great taste. They had a type of potato noodle, they had peppers, bread, chicken, carrots, noodles, leafy vegetables, etc. They all had a unique taste and were all enjoyable. It's difficult to eat chicken with chopsticks, by the way. Somehow they eat it without using their hands; They are talented people.

After the meal we strolled the streets for a few minutes, then we drove to a different area of the mountains. We got out of our car and walked the road that directed us along the mountainside. This is what China looked like in my mind. The architecture is ancient and precise, mountains surround you, monks are here and there, and their is a slight sweet-smelling breeze. What an experience! You will have to see the pictures we are posting as I am typing this to really get the full idea of this destination. We went throughout several temples, (I couldn't take pictures inside them, I apologize.) and climbed several stairs to see a huge Buddhist statue.

There is one specific area I thought was amazing. It was a large area completely made of bridges. Water was beneath you everywhere you looked, and several hundred goldfish and other varieties were following beneath you as you'd walk, peeking up through the water while opening their mouths, hoping for a little food.

Levi was tuckered out, so we had to go. We were all tired from the walking anyways. However, we have been invited for another trip soon. (They do this every weekend!) We are hoping to hit some other destinations with them soon.

Until next time,
Jeremy, Jenny, and Levi

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