Thursday, October 16, 2008

jenny and the giant pumpkin

Jenny has made another Chinese friend! Her name is Terri, and she's 23 years old. I met her while Levi and I were going to get some food. She stopped me, asking me what I'm doing here and how long I've been in China. I mentioned I'm studying Chinese and I've been here for two months, and she mentioned how she'd love to practice language. I mentioned how Jenny didn't have a school that she went to, so we exchanged numbers, and shortly after, Jenny and Terri ate at a nearby dumpling restaurant. She enjoyed Mushroom and Shrimp dumplings, along with some steamed pumpkin. She mentioned enjoying the meal and her new friend very much. They seemed to have a great time!

I have the day off of school today, because the school had set up an optional trip to the Hunnan province, which I declined. We have a great family free day today, and later tonight we will be celebrating a friend's birthday, while Levi stays back and holds down the fort with his Chinese babysitter (One of Jenny's friends).

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