Monday, September 01, 2008

school and stability

Today was my first day of school! It was so thrilling. I learned a nice chunk of Chinese today. I can't wait for more, although I bet I'll wish for some slowing down if it goes this pace consistently! We learned about pinyin structure, as well as many sounds and vocabulary. Pinyin is the Chinese language spelled out in letters, so we understand them easier, as opposed to the Chinese character. It's not necessarily standard that the Chinese here understand pinyin. It's mainly for us western folk.

Jenny is further than myself, and continues to get tutored. Her Chinese is coming along nicely! She gets many compliments from her teacher :)

For those of you who have heard about earthquakes in China, we have not felt any of them, and didn't hear anything about them until your emails! Thanks for checking in, though! I just wanted to make sure you all knew we are quake-less :)

Until next time!

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