Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jenny's Birthday

We're running behind on the blogs for the past few days, but I just wanted to write about Jenny's birthday really quick!

I had planned on taking Jenny to the Shaanxi History Museum. Jenny loves history, and I thought she'd like to go somewhere unique. The museum was BEAUTIFUL! (From the outside) We didn't get in, because it's closed on Mondays. We saw some military personnel doing training in the courtyard, so maybe that is the reason. We were bummed about that, but we just showed the taxi driver a card to the downtown Starbucks, and off we went!

It was really hot outside, and when we finished our drinks, we walked around for a bit, and found an underground crazy mall that eventually ended up being seven stories tall. We went down some stairs to cross the street (as the do downtown), and then we went down some more steps into an Apple Store, then we went through their store, through another store, and then ended up in the middle of a mall, with seven sets of escalators! That was quite a treasure. Every level has something different (Electronics, Shoes, Clothes, etc.).

Then we hopped in a taxi, went to a different mall, got Jenny some nice shoes. They were originally $20, but I talked them down to $15 or so. She really liked those shoes, and wanted them for a while. Then we went home, watched some House, and went to bed! It was a great day!

More on Levi's birthday tomorrow,

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