Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Our 2 Year Anniversary

Can you believe it? We have been married for two whole years!
We couldn't be happier, honestly. We are very grateful for each other. This year, Jenny planned out what we were going to do to celebrate!

So we started out by having my family watching Levi for the night. (A great start, just for today!)
Then we drove to the famous Mall of America, and had a meal at the Rainforest Cafe! It was very fun eating there, and we had great food!
Then, we went to the 3rd floor to enjoy 18 holes of mini-golf, where, sadly, I lost by five strokes. In MY defense, however, we'll just keep in mind Jenny cheated more than we can count, and that was just while I was looking! Who knows what kind of diabolical schemes she was performing while I was not looking!
Then we went to the nearby GameStop, where we rocked out with some Guitar Hero video game action. Jenny did well, but I personally feel that I did better.
We then elevated to the fourth floor to watch a movie! We saw "Made of Honor" which we enjoyed, although the plot was done before, and it had it's corny moments. Although, as with all chick flicks, it ended happily and we enjoyed the time together anyways.

Overall, it was our best anniversary yet! Congratulations to Jenny for stealing the show with her wonderful planning ideas! Well, that wraps up our day!

Until Next Time,