Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Benihana Goodbye

Well, our time is almost up in Minnesota, and it's going to be a sad and happy day at the same time, somehow. We are going to leave Minnesota (the sad part) and then head to New York (the happy part) this Saturday.

For a goodbye dinner, we all went to Benihana and had a great meal together. It was a blast. The chef was very talented and funny :)

Also, Levi has been a little whiny lately, so we took him to the doctor today, and found out he has an ear infection in his left ear, and some irritation in his right ear. We've got some prescriptions for him, and are excited for him to get all better! (Hopefully he's good enough so the plane doesn't hurt him too much!)
We'll post when we get to New York!

Until then!