Saturday, May 31, 2008

Edina Art Fair

Well, today we went to the Edina Art Fair. It was a lot of fun! Although, it was extremely hot! Jenny, myself, Levi, Michele, Ashley, and Sydney all went. It's so neat to see all the art and all the different stuff that people can do, but two things were sad to see.. 1) There was an awful storm the day before, so some of the people had all their art smashed on the ground because of the storms that came through! That is so sad to see that someone can put so much work into something, and then in one minute, it can all be gone. 2) Some people put so much work into art that just does not sell these days. Whether it's a certain fashion or a certain kind of painting or pottery. Some people were just standing there, and not one person was interested in it. It was crazy crowded, but it's good to start to get used to that ;)

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