Friday, April 18, 2008

many things

Well, we finally have our tickets finalized!
We are leaving for China on the 30th of July. We are very excited about this step of our travel being over and done with! Today, we also had Levi take his very last RSV shot, which is awesome. Also, Levi's physical therapist is optimistic in his skills now, and is telling us we won't need to continue physical therapy, even though we have three more months here in the states! Levi is now rolling over from his back to his front all the time, and is getting very strong!
A lot is coming up for us. My mom is leaving tomorrow, and Jenny's mom is flying in to visit before we head out to Minnesota. She'll be here for about a week, and we are very glad to have her here as well!!! It's been a great time having my mom here, and we had some good times talking and spending quality time together.
We can't wait, because today also marks thirteen days until we drive to Minnesota! We are very much looking forward to visiting all you guys that live there!
The next step for us is getting all of our funds transferred to a checking account we have set up in New York, as well as selling our car, after we drive it to Minnesota. We also have to get our visas ready, and find out what we are officially taking to China.

Until next time!