Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Levi's Last Physical Therapy Appt!

So we had Levi's last physical therapy appointment today! She's very happy with is progress and his development! In fact, she said there is no need to continue physical therapy in MN or NY!! That's great news for us! She said if we want, we can do one more right before we leave, so we can just be sure, but she said that isn't even absolutely necessary. We are very happy to hear this, and the only thing we are working on him doing now is having him learn how to roll back over when he's on his stomach. He rolls from his back to his stomach, and eventually gets pretty tired or bored, and gets mad and cries! He knows how to roll back over, but he just doesn't! So we just have to keep reminding him how to do that, and hopefully he gets the hang of that very soon.

The next thing on our agenda is having Jenny's mother over for a week, and then we drive over to MN on the 29th!

Also, the passport office said Levi's passport was mailed! So we are getting our visas very soon!

Until next time!